La quintessence de paris

Lulled by the singular soul of Paris, Louvreuse celebrates the cultural effervescence of the capital by imagining arty bags that combine a sense of purity with an intimate knowledge of the materials.

Louvreuse, an evocative name that refers to both the Louvre, one of the most famous museums in the world and the person responsible for placing spectators in the theater. A DNA inspired to the shape of Cléo, iconic model of the brand, which take up the proportions of the most Parisian pyramids.

Season after season, the Haute-Maroquinerie brand founded in 2016 pays homage to the history of art through pop and colorful collections that stand out for their geometric design and choice details. Orange Delaunay, Klein blue, Klimt gold, each color is a reminder of the palette of famous artists and comes in sharp-edged models that enhance the work of leather and finishes nobes by textural effects.



Manufactured in workshops of excellence located in the Choletais basin in the west of France, the Louvreuse bags are part of an accessible and responsible luxury approach that promotes sustainability.

A transgenerational object that is addressed to all women, a pledge of timelessness that we transmit, an essential that we love, an ideal partner to have style in all simplicity.